Mission #5: Twitter Chatter, Subject Matter

Hey all!  It’s Julie again!

I hope that you all are enjoying the challenges!  Remember, you can jump in anytime! This weeks mission involves Twitter so if you skipped “Mission #2, Twitter Me This“, you may want to revisit it for terrific tips on creating a Twitter account.

This week your mission is to attend a Twitter Chat!  Twitter Chats are one hour weekly chats held on Twitter. There are many different types of Twitter Chats, from general education chats to book chats. The twitter chats I love the most are the subject specific math chats just for math teachers! This week you are going to have the chance to specifically interact with teachers across the world that teach exactly the same subjects you teach! And there are math subject chats for everything from Middle School Math to Calculus and Statistics!

Browse the list below to see what day and time your chat is happening! Don’t be intimidated if you are a newcomer, you don’t even have to type anything to participate – you can just listen! But I promise that you will be compelled to jump in!  Read below for more helpful hints!

Twitter Math Subject Chat List

Click on the subject links for chat archives.

Subject Twitter # Day / Time Subject this week Facilitator
Middle School Math  #msmathchat Monday 9PM EDT Baiting the hook with chicken wings.* @justinaion @shlagteach
Algebra 1  #alg1chat Sunday 9 PM EDT Group Work @lmhenry9  @_MattOwen_  @aanthonya @kathrynfreed
Algebra 2  #alg2chat Monday 9PM EDT Functions @druinok  @wmukluk  @lbburke
Geometry #geomchat Wednesday 9 PM EDT Meaningful Math Tasks Across All Topics @algebrainiac1  @barbarawmadden
PreCalculus #Precalcchat Thursday 8:30 PM EST Unit Planning & Assessment* @mrlenadj  @untilnextstop
Calculus #calcchat Friday 11AM as per IST – that is 12:30am EST and 1:30am EDT TBD @ajitmishra71
Statistics #statschat Thursday 9pm EDT TBD @jkindred13

** If none of the subject chats appeal to you, there are 200+ different education chats listed here!!  Thanks to @thomascmurray, @cevans5095  and @cybraryman1 for compiling this great list!

* Additional Information:  

  • Middle School Math Chat
    • “Baiting the hook with chicken wings”  Dealing with the frustration of when an amazing lesson is met with blank stares.
  • PreCalc Chat
    • How (and how often) do you plan for content vs. planning for process/Math practices?
    • Do you generally emphasize manual analysis or calculator analysis? Has this changed over time for you?
    • What does the flow of a unit typically look like for you?
    • What elements of assessments (participation, quizzes, projects, reading, writing, reflection, etc) factor into your actual grading?

United Kingdom Chats:

As the US Twitter Chat times can be tough for people around the world, there are two UK chats that may interest you!  Thanks so much to Jan Pringle and Nik Doran for reminding me about these chats!

  • #UKEdChat – MATHS Subject Special on Thursday at 9PM, GMT
  • #mathscpdchat – on Tuesday evenings at 7PM, GMT

How to Follow a Twitter Chat

To easily follow a Twitter Chat, type the hashtag and chat name into the search box. For instance, #msMathChat. Then, Twitter.com will bring up all of the tweets that include that hashtag!  It will look like this:

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 10.09.36 PM

Twitter.com Hashtag Search

Helpful Hints:

  • It’s a good idea to follow the facilitators (listed above in the chart) so you don’t miss important tweets and reminders when the chat begins.
  • If you have never participated in a Twitter chat before you are in for a treat! To participate, you just need to include the hashtag (example: #msMathChat) in your 140 characters.
  • The moderator will ask a question and then everyone can answer it and discuss. (The format for chats is usually a question, Q1 from moderator, then you will answer with an A1 at the start of your answer.)
  • Don’t feel intimidated, because you don’t actually have to “chat” if you do not want to. You can simply log into twitter and watch the conversations. To do this, follow the hashtag. To follow a hashtag, simply perform a search on Twitter.
  • If your Twitter account is private, you may want to unlock your tweets during the math chat. This will allow people who do not follow you to read your chats for the hour.

If you can’t come to a chat, but want to catch up on the conversation, many of the math chats are archived with Storify on the Math Chat Wiki.

More Helpful Twitter Hints:  TweetDeck!

Several of you have commented that Twitter can confusing and even overwhelming at first. Some of you said you aren’t really following the feed, you are just checking in on #MTBoS. But guess what? You can do it all at once! My all time BIG TIP for making Twitter truly awesome is TweetDeck by Twitter!

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 7.53.59 PM

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 10.11.22 PMI love, love, love TweetDeck because I can see my entire Timeline (all of the tweets from all of people I follow – this is what you see on the Twitter.com page online), Interactions (people who are talking to me or including me in a conversation publicly), Messages (people who are talking privately just to me), and then any cool things I want to keep up with (like #msMathChat or #MTBoS). TweetDeck puts all of the most important stuff I want to read in COLUMNS (can you say Math Love)? It is ALL viewable in one place at the same time and looks like this…  If you perform a search, you can then create a whole new column from your hashtag search.  Notice the nifty little blue Add Column button at the bottom?  Yep, it’s true love.

Your mission for this week:

  1. Attend any twitter chat that you would like! The easiest way to “attend” a chat is to search for and then follow the hashtag. (Example:  #msMathChat).
  2. Write a blog post reflecting on your Twitter Chat experience.
  3. Tweet out your blog post. Include the hashtag for the chat you attended (#alg1chat) as well as the #MTBoS hashtag.
  4. Include your blogpost in the comments here and then read and comment on the blog posts of the three commenters directly above you. Be sure that you are commenting on their blog and not here. 🙂

29 thoughts on “Mission #5: Twitter Chatter, Subject Matter

  1. For UK maths tweeps, there’s #mathscpdchat on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm. GMT. Non UK folk are of course very welcome too!

  2. I decided to reference a chat I participated in last week (#edtechchat with Arne Duncan) for this mission as it was so relevant. Twitter Chats = Connected Educators = Disrupting Education for Positive Change

  3. Fantastic #alg1chat on the topic of collaborative groups – “if you get them to argue, it’s gold,”

  4. What it all boils down to in group work: a worthy task, purposeful grouping and an inviting environment. http://joshualeewright.wordpress.com/2013/11/04/mission-5-twitter-chats-are-real-conversation/

    A wonderful #alg1chat where we talked about all the pieces of groups and how we can overcome challenges with some great activity resources!

  5. Reblogged this on I Speak Math and commented:

    Mission #5 is LIVE!

  6. I decided to cheat slightly with this one and link to a blog from a couple of week’s ago which I wrote following a #mathscpdchat on supporting less mathematically able children. It’s at http://supportingmaths.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/less-is-more-supporting-less-mathematically-able-children/ I take part in this chat regularly and find it really useful to get other teachers’ perspectives. I’m in primary and it’s good to get the perspective of secondary teachers and people in ITT too. This chat gave me lots of new ideas and as well as writing a blog, I put together a pinterest board with some of the ideas from the chat at http://www.pinterest.com/janpringle/supporting-less-able-children/

  7. I have participated on and off with #alg1chat and #msmathchat since August. I missed #alg1chat this week, but had some great conversation on #msmathchat. Here is my blog post born out of those conversations:


  8. I regularly participate in Geometry Chat. My post is more of a reflection of Geometry Chat as a whole instead of this week in particular. http://busybeebe.blogspot.com/2013/11/exploring-mtbos-post-5.html

  9. Not terribly impressed with my first complete twitter chat…http://verticalasymptote.wordpress.com/2013/11/07/geomchat/

    • , if Schumacher did the stuff that Hamilton does, he would have been criticised for it, and rightly so.I must have missed all these things Hamiltons been doing which are comparable to driving into Hill in order to win and stopping in the middle of the track during qualifying – to name but 2. Enlighten me, please.

  10. I “cheated” a little, because with the recent changing of the clocks in the US, it’s nearly impossible now to participate in tweetchats because they’re in the middle of a class I’m teaching (8pm ET is now 9am the next morning in Malaysia). So until the clocks change back in the spring, I’ll be relying on archives. Here is a link to my current blogpost, which links back to a previous blogpost: http://www.coetail.com/wjmarkert/2013/11/08/tweetchats-and-the-mathtwitterblogosphere/

    • my efforts at checking out a chat were a failure #MTBoS. I’m left thinking I must have done something wrong, although I read and reread the instructions and can’t detect my error.

      • Howard, let me know if you still need a little help.

      • thanks, Andrew. I’m still seeing nothing at #calcchat, as though the hashtag was taken over by something else. I saw the chat history at #precalcchat, so I got a feel for what goes on. I don’t think #calcchat, as a live thing, would work out for me anyhow, since it seems to be coordinated to Australian or Indian time zones. just wish there was a visible history.

      • Howard, I just tried #calcchat and got a history for the last 10 days–not a lot, but there is stuff there.

  11. I’ve grown more in the last year as an educator than I have in my first 12 years of teaching. Thanks to #MTBoS and my own growing sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo. This particular post is about using Twitter as a Professional development tool.

  12. latest blogpost about this assignment. late night and not very well done i’m afraid. http://bcarrera.edublogs.org/2013/11/10/mtbos-5-twitter-chats/

  13. Here’s my experience… not super impressed, but would like to try again. http://wwndtd.wordpress.com/2013/11/11/mtbos-mission-5-twitterpated/

  14. Gregory Taylor (@mathtans) does a stats chat in “Hashtag, You’re It”:
    “The suggestion was TweetDeck. And I went with HootSuite.”

  15. A little bit behind, but I’m trying to get caught up! Please read about my three very different chat experiences at: http://unmuddlemath.blogspot.com/2013/11/mtbos-mission5-twitter-chatter-subject.html

    The third time almost wasn’t a charm!

  16. I tried out #MSMathChat and here is my blog post about the result! http://mathmama95.com/2013/11/18/tigers-in-da-house/

  17. Fashionably late as ever, unfortunately my online and real identities share this characteristic! Here is my blog about twitter chats: http://jemmapduck.wordpress.com/2013/11/30/you-are-waiting-on-a-blog-then-four-come-at-once-mtbos-5/

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