Mission #6: Borrowing and Regrouping

You’ve blogged. You’ve tweeted. You’ve collaborated, listened, and chatted.

You are loving it.

Click for full comic.

Click for full comic.

But you’ve also begun to wonder: is this too much of a good thing?

It’s true. The MathTwitterBlogosphere is a bottomless wellspring of teach-y, math-y goodness. It can feel like drinking from a peppy, insightful, and insomniac firehose.

That’s to say: you’ve got resources pouring in from all over. And the MTBoS is gloriously decentralized. So how do you keep everything organized?

Take a deep breath. It’s time to get your ducks in a row. This is going to be a week of consolidation.


Mission #6: Borrowing and Regrouping *

Given what you’ve encountered so far while Exploring the MTBoS, what are the habits and processes you want to establish for yourself? And what are the tools you can use to make them happen?

Step 1: Some Tools

Get Your Feed On

If you find yourself tromping around to various blogs you love, hoping to find new posts, then do I ever have a wonder-product for you. It’s called a feed reader. It will gather new posts from the blogs you specify and plop them all on a page for you. Kind of like getting emails for new blog posts, but in their own separate little cubby.

In yesteryear the feed reader of choice was Google Reader, may it rest in digital peace. No one really knows what to do in its absence, but there’s been a lotta discussion, opining, and podcasting about it. For a few options: I use Feedly **, Tina uses Digg Reader, and others like The Old Reader. You’ll find one that works for you.

“Virtual” Filing Cabinets

When you find a lovely math tidbit that you want to hold onto for future planning, where should you stick it for safekeeping? You could bookmark it, email it it yourself, drop it in a Google doc—the possibilities are endless. One option is to make (or piggyback upon) a virtual filing cabinet. Sam’s is the original. It’s a page on his blog where he stores useful tidbits for his future use. And we all get to benefit from it! You can use it as a resource or as a blueprint to create your own—a place to keep your favorite resources, curated and collated by topic. Sam has even compiled a list of other people’s virtual filing cabinets—cabinet o’ cabinets!—so you can check out how other people make this idea work for them.

Step 2: The Cavalry

At Twitter Math Camp this past summer, some “trustworthy people” gave a presentation entitled Devise a Plan to Organize. Taking a gander at their slides would be well worth your time.

And folks have written blog posts about how they manage and thrive in the MTBoS . We’ll encourage them to reshare those posts on their blogs and on Twitter this week. We’ll collect ’em all at Tina’s #matheme page. If you have one or find one, you can submit it to #matheme here.

There are some good takes on how to tack your  path in the MTBoS. But who wouldn’t want some more schemes and words-to-the-wise? Which leads into…

Step 3: The Reflection

Because we’re own damn cavalry, dammit.

Take stock. Make a plan. Chat about it on Twitter. How do all of the different activities of the MTBoS coalesce for you into ongoing and useful professional development? What’s worked so far? What do you keep on your calendar? What do you hope for? What meshes with your workflow?

And then blog it out. Please. Because we’re all still figuring this out, and every idea and perspective helps.

Alternatively, you could write a post that could be a start on your own virtual filing cabinet. Find a few things around a topic, post about them, and tuck it all away for future-you and future-us to benefit from.

Either way, share your post like we’ve been suggesting: tweet it (with #MTBoS attached) and leave it in a comment below. Then, as we are wont to do, read and comment on the blog posts of the three commenters directly above you. Be sure that you are commenting on their blog and not here.

carry-over-borrowing-regrouping-e1338515102882-273x300 And this week, be sure breeeeeeathe. 😀

* Goodness, was that ever a deft punning of this week’s mission with multi-digit subtraction lingo. Bravo, Lanier.

** Admittedly, without any particular enthusiasm.


34 thoughts on “Mission #6: Borrowing and Regrouping

  1. If you miss Google Reader, try InoReader http://inoreader.com
    I found it a decent replacement (after The Old Reader told most of their users to go away, I looked for a new reader, and found I liked InoReader better anyway).

  2. Check it off the to-do list! My post today http://bbmathblog.blogspot.com/2013/11/i-swear-i-been-paying-attention.html?m=1
    is a catch-up for missions #3-6. “I swear I’ve been paying attention!”

  3. Here you go! A mesh of missions #4-6. It’s a busy time of year! Give me a break! http://computergeekmathnerd.wordpress.com/2013/11/10/mtbos-mission-4-5-6/

  4. Thank you so much for this. I was exactly here, excited about all the things I was learning and contacts I was making, and wondering how I was ever going to keep track of it all. This was very timely for me. !! BTW, I’m finding I like “The Old Reader”, maybe because the format is familiar.

  5. My blog is on WordPress. Can anyone give me a virtual lesson on how to create something like a virtual filing cabinet? Have to admit to being a bit of a dunce about this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  6. I’m trying to create a virtual filing cabinet. No use in getting all this information unless you save it somewhere. See what I’ve got so far and help me improve my cabinet!



  7. Too much of a good thing … yes! no! Posted my thoughts here http://algebrasfriend.blogspot.com/2013/11/mission-6-my-response-yes-and-no.html … and shared links to my virtual filing cabinets …

  8. Organizing my resources is definitely something I need to work on.

  9. Organizing my resources in a variety of ways to “Keep it all together!” http://bit.ly/1dnKSC2

  10. What a fabulous mission idea! Using http://www.livebinders.com to create a virtual file cabinet for my mathematical musings…http://wp.me/P3Z7VU-M

  11. Gregory Taylor (@mathtans) posting “Org Chart”:
    “I’m not keen on feed readers. I think they’re cliquey and a source of unwanted stress as you try to keep up.”

  12. OK, so this post is tangentially about organization. Several people have suggested MTBoS shirts, so pulled a design together and set-up a commerce page on my blog. I picked 4 different shirts for guys and gals. Each will be a flat $25, including tax and shipping. Any extra funds will be donated to a worthy math ed cause.

    I’d like to wrap-up the first orders by 11/23. I’ll run this again if folks want me to. So, I’ve organized this show of camaraderie – does this count?

    Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/17wH2YC

    Any other products you’d like to see?

  13. I desperately need some form of easy organization, especially since I work with so many different math classes (14 total: Developmental + Algebra + . . . + Calulus + Linear + DE = LOTS of stuff).

    Read more at: http://unmuddlemath.blogspot.com/2013/11/mtbos-mission-6-borrowing-and-regrouping.html

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  15. I’m already organized, especially now with InoReader, but for me it’s all about time management. http://busybeebe.blogspot.com/2013/11/exploring-mtbos-post-6.html

    • à¥Ã ®Ã Â¤Â¹¤ Â¥Â‡Ã¤‚दàर्जी, खरेच आपण म्हणता तशी यासाठी काही तरी वेगळी पद्धत शोधली पाहिजे. मतदानाची जशी मतपेट्या जाऊन ईव्हीएम आले. तसे यासाठी सुद्धा काही तरी वेगळा आणि अचूक मार्ग शोधला पाहिजे. आतापासूनच शोध सुरु केला तर पुढील वेळ होईल काही तरी.

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