Kicking off the 2016 Blogging Initiative

Happy new year! What were your resolutions? Mine are to exercise more and learn to play the ukulele. Oh, and to blog more! Did you resolve to blog more too? Yes? You’re in the right place! No? Where are your priorities?! Make a resolution right now to blog.

We are here to help you accomplish the first month of regular blogging in 2016. Whether you are brand new to blogging, write regularly or have a blog that’s feeling neglected, we will have some prompts for you. This week your task is to prep your blog. Dust it off or set it up, and give it some TLC.


New Bloggers

  1. Get a blog (we use wordpress). The title you choose will identify your blog but it won’t define you so set yourself a brainstorming deadline and then commit.
  2. Set up your blog.
    • Create an ABOUT page. Include your school profile so people can understand your context. It will help your readers foster ecological thinking (from Lani’s TMC presentation).
    • Post a picture.
  3. Comment below with the link to your blog and a tweet sized description! Also tweet out your blog link and description.
  4. Visit some other blogs in the comments and leave a comment on their blog. Welcome everyone to 2016 and cheer them on for joining this initiative!

Don’t have a twitter account? Check out these instructions to get started.

Need a bit more help? There’s a spreadsheet for that! If you missed out on the first round of mentoring we created a more self directed option. Check out the spreadsheet to find someone to guide you through this process.


Comfortable Bloggers

  1. Update your ABOUT page. Polish or add your school profile to that page so people can understand your context. It will help your readers foster ecological thinking (from Lani’s TMC presentation).
  2. Advertise the new blogging initiative and comfortable blogging initiative by publishing a post (feel free to copy this one or write your own).
  3. Comment below with the link to your blog and a tweet sized description! Also tweet out your blog link and description.
  4. Visit some other blogs in the comments and leave a comment on their blog. Welcome everyone to 2016 and cheer them on for joining this initiative!

Want to cheer someone on who really would appreciate it? There’s a spreadsheet for that! If you missed out on the first round of mentoring we created a more self directed option. Check out the spreadsheet to find someone to guide through this process.



Week 4 (posted on Jan 31) you will be blogging about a lesson you’ve taught. It would be a good idea to start thinking about what lesson you might choose so you can be sure to take some pictures before the students leave, you erase the white boards and hand back their work so you have nothing to share!

If you’d like to add a badge to your blog to show that you are a part of this community feel free to include one (or all!) of these:

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89 thoughts on “Kicking off the 2016 Blogging Initiative

  1. EE turned Mid School Math Teacher on quest to engage girls in math. Figuring things out.

  2. Blog about high school math incorporating authentic interdisciplinary ideas and projects and making connections between grading and learning. Finding blogging inspiring!

    Blog about high school maths in Scotland. Sharing lesson ideas and resources and favourite activities.

  4. Junior High math teacher re-dedicating herself to reflecting on current practices and opening my classroom for others to collaborate with me.

  5. yelena melnichenko High School teacher blogging about technology in the classroom.

  6. Fifth grade teacher looking for the “secret” to teaching elementary math. My attempts to sift through the material and reflect on what works and why.

  7. HS math teacher. Thoughts on teaching, grading & curriculum, executive functioning skills, geometry & programming lessons, activities and curriculua, interactive notebooks.

  8. 3rd year math teacher. Sharing reflections, fears, epic fails, and triumphs in my middle school classroom (mainly things I borrow/inspired by #mtbos).

  9. and @ritsemamath Second year pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry high school teacher. Hoping to get more activities and student exploration into my classroom

  10. First year algebra and geometry teacher sharing lessons and reflections with a focus on using technology in the classroom (Desmos activities, Peardeck, geogebra)

  11. 10th year HS Math Teacher. Teaching Geometry and Alg II H this year. Have taught Algebra I and Pre-Calc H also. Looking to share lessons, classroom management and pedagogical ideas as well as explore ed policies.

  12. Golden Rule Blogging. Anything I would want someone to share with me–tech resources, teaching resources, recipes, etc.

  13. High School Math teacher who blogs to reflect, encourage, challenge and stay current. Love how the MTBoS shares ideas, lessons, thoughts and struggles within their community.

    • Bonnie,
      I really enjoyed your post on “Tried and True Strategies!” I use group work on a daily basis and the idea about the different colored sheets is GREAT! I just added your blog to my Feedly. Thank you for sharing!

  14. I blog about standards based grading, hybrid learning, and activities that I have tried in my 9-12 math classroom @abel_jennifer

  15. This is a great idea, but what about people who don’t feel their school community is safe enough to publicly post about what they are doing?

  16. I teach Math II and math 8 all to 8th graders. I love to learn and at the same time have anxiety about it. I learn tons from others and hope I can share at least an ounce.

    I’m a public high school teacher in Brooklyn, NY; my blog is a both a resource sharing and professionally reflective space. And I’ve updated my ‘About’ page!

    I’m an 8th grade math teacher looking to learn more about blogging. Blogs have been an inspiration to me and I would like to learn how to contribute and reflect via blogging. Happy new year and happy blogging everyone!

  19. I’m trying to get back in the habit of blogging. I’d welcome feedback and comments on my posts.

  20. I am an elementary math coach ready to start sharing some insights, strategies, and activities that engage teachers and students in loving math

  21. I’m a middle level math coach who’s been blogging for a year. I started, Communicating Mathematically, as a personal challenge and got hooked! The teachers I work with are now used to me including our shared experience in my posts. At first I wasn’t sure of what to write about. Now, I find myself saying, “Oh, I need to write about that.” I blog about math as well as genius hour. Genius Hour was a huge and successful experiment!

  22. I’m a 7th grade math / science teacher from the States who is living/teaching in Beijing. I attempt to share experiences from my classrooms and am beginning to look closer at/write about the math development of my 4 year old daughters.

  23. Nomadic Teacher
    6th grade teacher in an elementary school teaching all subjects. My blog is nomadic, moving from one thing to the next, but there is a special focus on math. Attempting to share my process and thoughts as I enter back into the classroom after two years as a TOSA.

    K-5 Gifted Resource teacher with a focus on math. Am not at all sure of the path my blog will take but am sure math will be the focus. Working on making my learners mindful and independent thinkers and doers.

    I am a high school algebra teacher in my 2nd year of implementing a problem-based curriculum using the IMP Meaningful Math Algebra books. The majority of my first blog entries are about the lessons I taught using those books.

  26. Teaching high school content (Alg1, Geom) to middle school students in Boulder, CO. I usually write about what’s going on in my classroom and the resources I’m using. and on Twitter:@abusch38

  27. Teaching MS Math in Texas, and trying to get in a blogging routine. and @kdhowe1

  28. This is my 7th year teaching math in the northwest mountains of North Carolina. My hope for blogging is to share what I’m doing in my class and give back to the math community that has inspired me to be a better teacher. and @jlwilliams314

  29. Mathematics Coordinator in Fontana California for grades 6-12. I would like to engage with coaches, site administrators, and district administrators who are involved in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

  30. This is my 7th year teaching, but I just started at a new site (a K-8) in a new grade level (8th) in a new town (Sanger, CA) this year with essentially no planning time before diving in. My goal right now is survival, but I’m interested in standards based grading, technology integration, cross-curricular projects, better implementation of math talk, and pretty much anything else that will make me a better math teacher 🙂

    Brand new blog, looking at teaching math in an online environment (probably).

  32. Math specialist at a rural high school in MD; former 8th grade math teacher. 3+ years of lesson ideas archived, now looking to blog about coaching and read about coaching.

  33. Been teaching 24 years and still trying to figure out how to do it!

  34. High school math teacher for 25+ years. Still working hard and learning new stuff.

  35. I’m a fourth year teacher in a low-income urban high school, and I’m trying to recommit to blogging. In the past, most of my posts have been about the super fun, but I am hoping to blog more about my specific lessons teaching AP Calculus, an Algebra 2 support class, and supporting my colleagues as my department’s lead teacher.

  36. I’m a 6th year teacher, and a 12th year blogger. I got into teaching because I like school, and I think kids are hilarious. I continue teaching because my colleagues are the best. I will stop teaching when it is no longer fun.

  37. Sarah Ladner Apollo

    This 6th year teacher’s stories, lessons learned and still-to-be-learned, and big questions about teaching HS special ed math:

  38. Here is my blog:
    I’m an associate professor of math ed at Penn State University. I taught middle and high school mathematics, but now I study classroom practices in elementary and middle school. Thanks for being here!

  39. My blog:

    I teach at an alternative public school in Seattle. I am the only math teacher, so I teach a different class every block. Small classes, but with lots lots of challenges (attendance, home life and others).

    The road to good teaching is covered with a million small pebbles…which ones are you paying attention to in order to smooth your journey?


    blogging about middle school math and figuring out my new course – business and personal finance!

  42. My blog is

    I teach math and physics, like to play with technology, and sometimes make and share printable resources.

  43. My blog:

    I teach high school math in an online setting. One of my big challenges is implementing dynamic engaging and effective curriculum virtually.

  44. Blog:
    (Tweeted about it already, but forgot to add my comments on this page!)

    I teach Precalculus, AP Calculus BC and and the Common Core Teacher on Special Assignment for the high school. I will be blogging about general classroom thoughts, plus specific content lessons and TOSA happenings.

    A blog about surviving early career teaching and reflecting to develop as a teacher. Passionate about 21C learning and teaching, and technology as a means to improve student outcomes.

    new to this, tried it at the beginning of the year and only posted twice so here it goes again.
    The experiences, epic fails, and successes of a secondary math coach in SoCal.

  47. The inspired Interventionist is an Elementary Math Coach’s tips, activities, plans, games, and tried and true methods for helping students master math


    Teaching math to kids with behavioral and emotional difficulties in NYC. Trying not to mess things up too badly. Trying to maintain some semblance of a life outside of school. Trying.

    • Keep trying, especially with the life outside of school! Remember that showing up every day counts way more than anything you could possibly “mess up” – you’re doing great!

    2nd grade teacher in St. Louis, MO. Never blogged before (as you will clearly see), but I hope to focus on my journey of making passionate, young mathematicians!

  50. – I’ve been (mostly) a lurker with MTBoS for a couple years now. Hoping to become a bit more active. I work in Supplement Education and my heart is in making math accessible for everyone. @MrLeiss

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