A Few Mathy Twitter Accounts

Growing a list of Twitter accounts you follow will be an ongoing process. Still, if you need a couple of accounts just to seed and fill out your Twitter feed at the start—because Twitter kind of forces you to at the get-go—here are a few suggestions.

Here’s the Explore MTBoS account and those of the four organizers:




@samjshah (keeps his twitter account protected/private)


Here are the leaders of the many mathematical chats that happen weekly on Twitter:

Middle School:  @justinaion, @luvbcd, @shlagteach

Algebra 1:     @lmhenry9,  @_MattOwen_  ,@aanthonya, @kathrynfreed

Algebra 2:     @druinok,  @wmukluk,  @lbburke

Geometry:    @algebrainiac1,  @barbarawmadden

PreCalculus: @mrlenadj,  @untilnextstop

Calculus :       @ajitmishra71

Statistics:       @jkindred13

And here are a few other MTBoS-related accounts:


@tmathc (Twitter Math Camp)


@mythagon (Infinite Tangents podcaster)


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