The Math Twitter Blogosphere is filled with all sorts of amazing resources. Throughout the weeks of this exploration we will be sending you to different locations. If you want to get a sneak peak, look up something you heard mentioned on twitter or go back to a site we mentioned a few weeks back, this is the place for you!

Here’s the “homepage” of the MTBoS where you can find lots of resources to get started and to dig deepter:

Welcome to the Math Twitter Blogosphere

We did something similar to ExploreMTBoS last year, the prompts and responses are all archived: 2012 Math Blogging Initiation.

Here’s the weekly schedule of Twitter Math Chats.

These are some sites that are fun for you and your students to engage with:

Analyze some Math Mistakes teachers have submitted, work with other commenters to pinpoint what the student’s misunderstanding is, and brainstorm how to help the student correct the mistake.

When you’re frustrated with all the mistakes students make, remind yourself why you teach by reading several teachers’ One Good Thing from each day of school.

Are you a first year teacher? Here are some letters to you: Letter to a New Teacher. Even as a seventh year teacher I enjoy reading them to remind myself of what is important.  This is just one of many Math Themed Memes, coined #matheme that people have participated in.

Check out some Weekly Blog Carnivals:

On Tuesday nights our community holds Global Math Department meetings.  It’s the department and PD you’ve always wished for.

By the time you’ve reached this point you’ve been to all sorts of sites that you’ll want to look back at. One way to organize the awesome resources you discover is a Virtual Filing Cabinet.

A window inside a variety of math classrooms, in two minute clips: Mathagogy.

A window inside an even wider variety of math classrooms, in full-day recaps: A Day in the Life of a Math Teacher.


5 thoughts on “Resources

  1. I would add to the list above the wonderful Would you Rather series

  2. Is there a place that lists all the mathchats and when they occur?

  3. […] you don’t click through to this week will be here for you to refer back to, as well as on the Resources Page. The goal of this entire Explore MTBoS experience is to introduce you to the wonders that the […]

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