Conference/Booth Info

Want to share the glory of #MTBoS with other people at a conference you’re attending or presenting at? There are lots of ways to do that! One of them is to staff a booth or table.

Looking for inspiration? We have tons of photosPlus some ready made printables and ideas.

Upcoming Conferences:

October 26-28, NCTM Phoenix:
Booth Organizers: Heather Rosson@matheologian

October 31-November 1, NCTM Philadelphia:
Booth Organizers: (No one yet. Can you help?)

April 5-8, NCTM San Antonio:
Booth Organizers: (No one yet. Can you help?)

Google doc for organizing for this year.

To get a booth at an NCTM conference you need to gather enough people to staff the booth. Start asking now who is attending and willing to spend an hour or more at the booth. You’ll need one person who is able to set up the booth before the conference starts (ideally someone local) and at least one person staffing the booth at all hours the exhibit hall is open. Find out who among these people is paying the registration fee for the conference (lead speakers don’t pay at regionals), you need seven people who paid to attend to cover the cost of the booth (NCTM will ask for their names when you sign the contract).

Booth Description (for NCTM booklet)

How to work at the booth (for volunteers)

Traveling supplies: (Check which box you’re getting.)

  • Foam core (single sided and color coded? to display vs. to stack?)
  • Beads (too small? letters make it tempting to pick a significant one, one pair won because they both purposefully selected the pink heart. Is that a + or -?)
  • Tweets for the curtain (definitely too small – a few poster size ones instead?)
  • Business cards and clips (this worked well, you don’t need a ton of cards)
  • Stickers (and global math pens except there are only 3 left)
  • Standing frames (take a photo, schedule -both fine to have, social events – needed, booth schedule should really go in the back of one, we lost it and needed it)

Supplies provided by a local person:

  • Projector and screen (the tweetdeck was eye catching and it’s way easier to show a few people the directory on the screen rather than trying to squish around an iPad – remember, there’s always a crowd!)
  • Easel and posterboard (sliding down the poster to add space was great)
  • Baskets, sharpies, cups/boxes, scissors, fishing line, plate holders…

Supplies printed by a local person:

Supplies provided by any attendee (or mailed to a local person):

  • Raffle items (people bring/send them)
  • Books started as browsable, last day became raffle
  • 2 things for a sticker is good, 2 things for a pen requires putting pens in back. This entirely depends on how much money people want to spend. Tina’s opinion – one item per project should be freely available, supplementary items should require a task.
  • Math art object – the toblerone sculpture was eye catching and people wanted to stop and take a photo (and then we got to talk to them!)
    Something made of Zomes would be fun but would it look like we’re selling?
    Origami object is another option – fragile for the winner to travel with

Supplies provided by NCTM:

  • curtains, sign (standard with any booth)
  • carpet, table, chairs (graciously donated)
  • Electricity and wifi (generously donated)

2 thoughts on “Conference/Booth Info

  1. This is so very useful. Thanks for putting this together. I am just now starting to realize all the work you must have put in.

    • We did indeed but Justin was very purposeful about keeping track of everything so handing over the reins isn’t so hard because he kept us organized!

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